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Vintage 2015

2015 delivered a favourable climate during the entire season, from blossoming to harvest. The summer was warm and dry with few raining days offering us very healthy grapes. In September the weather was very sweet with bright days and fresh nights. Thanks to that the harvest happens a little bit earlier than the regular time (about 7 days) and the grapes were perfectly ripe and well balanced. According to that, the wines are very elegant and really express the terroir.

Wine details

Vintage: 2015

Winemaker: Paolo Giacosa

Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo

Growing Area: Briccolina - Serralunga d'Alba: Foglio 9 - Part. 198 e 297

Alcohol: 14,50 % by volume

Food: It pairs with hunting game, roasts, mature cheeses. Also appreciated as an after-dinner drink.


Young Aged

Light Bodied

Sweet Dry

No oak Oak

Winemaker's Notes

Colour: Deep ruby red with garnet hues.

Nose: Wide, intense and complex bouquet with scent of blackberry, liquorice, tobacco, spices, coffee beans and faded roses. The Nebbiolo grape is easily recognisable.

Palate: Wide, complex, dry, full bodied, elegant, harmonic, rich in fine tannins and minerality with a pleasant long finish.

Serving: 16 - 18 °C

Cellaring: 20 - 25 years

Vineyard Information

Exposure: S, SW

Vines age: 35 years

Soil: Clay - limestone

Yield: 6500 kg/ha

Harvests: 100% hand-harvested

Training system: Guyot

Farming practices: Sustainable viticulture

Winemaking Information

PRE-FERMENTATION PROCEDURES: Grape bunches are hand-sorted on a vibrant table and chilled with carbonic snow to avoid oxidation and reduce considerably the use of sulphur. After destemming, berries are hand-sorted on a second vibrant table and finally softly crushed.

This process is “100% screw conveyor free” to handle grapes as gently as possible.

FERMENTATION PROCESS: The must is cooled and partially submitted to a cold maceration to preserve its best characters before fermentation in stainless steel vats and conic oak vats at controlled temperature. The maceration is long acting using délestage and, partially, submerged cap technique for over 28 days.

OAK FEFINING: The ageing is made for about 28 months in medium size oak casks (2400 litres).

The difference is...

BRICCOLINA is very well known for being a cru with great complexity and it takes its name from being at the peak of the hill.
Enrico Serafino Barolo BRICCOLINA is a full body, austere and powerful Barolo results of the sustainable farming process applied.

Furthermore, Barolo BRICCOLINA is the proof of what Piemonte Attitude means in Enrico Serafino set of values: complexity, dedication and tenacity.

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