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Sustainable Commitment

We care about the future of next generations.

Our Impact

As Enrico Serafino winery, we believe that it is our own responsibility to reduce the impact of any activities on the environment with the aim to provide for future generations. Furthermore, we must take in consideration that nature is our artisan crafting place that affects directly our wines.

In the meanwhile, we care about people, doesn’t matter if they are our children, associates or consumers. This is why we are committed to have a positive impact on the community.


For many years, Enrico Serafino winery has improved its sustainable farming practices to produce wines while respecting nature. A part of this commitment is to reduce considerably the use of chemicals such as fertilizers and plant protection products by maximizing the mechanical works.

In term to achieve these goals we are using state of the art technology like meteo station network that informs of the specific vineyards climate conditions and avoids the unnecessary use of chemicals. Moreover, we use the grassing system to keep the soil safe from erosion.

Thanks to our special care, we proudly farm vineyards rich in biodiversity, from insects to diverse type of flowers, which helps to make the difference in the development of the vines.

Culture of Sustainability

We are also concerned in acting responsibly in our cellars. From a production standpoint, we ensure that:

  • we are actively working on reducing our consumption of water;
  • the electric energy we use is 100% from renewable resources.

From a packaging standpoint, Enrico Serafino ensures that:

  • bottles are produced with 65% of recycled glass;
  • cardboard boxes are made with 70% of recycled paper;
  • labels are made with 100% natural paper certified FSC (The Forest Stewardship Council sets standards for responsible forest management. A voluntary program, FSC uses the power of the marketplace to protect forests for future generations);
  • closures are in cork and 100% recyclable.

VIVA Certification

Following in the process of building a culture of sustainability, in 2019, Enrico Serafino signed the VIVA Guidelines. It is an Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea certification designed to assess sustainability performances and to objectively communicate them to the stakeholders.

VIVA protocol harmonizes the environmental, social and economic indicators widely used at national and international level, covering a full set of elements from the Carbon Footprint to the Water Consumption, from the Vineyards Activities to the Social Responsibility.

In vine-growing, winemaking and delivering our wines, we are firmly committed to maintain a respectful relationship with the environment. It doesn’t matter if we are in the field, in our historical cellars or traveling around the world to share the Piemonte Attitude.

A full set of yearly goals are included in our commitment to improve unrestrictedly our sustainable impact.