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Enrico Serafino’s Manifesto states our beliefs in the wine world.

It is the expression of what we think regarding the glamour, quality and complexity of our wines. It also tackles the innovation vs. tradition dichotomy, oak ageing and our consumer approach. It is our love declaration for wines and winegrowers.

Wine Endowment

Wine is all about patience. Indeed, you need years to craft and age it. Meanwhile, it is limitless in giving back.

This is the most lifelong edible, and, for this very reason, it can bring out emotions and carry humans away in time and in space.
You can experience, in a glass of wine, the most important dates in your life, like the birth of your child, decades later with the same emotional intensity.

The wine enters your body with an intimate unique act as rare as each single moment of your life.

Hidden Treasures

Inside each block of marble, one final statue is to be found, just waiting for the skillful sculptor to identify it, free it and, thus, bring it to life…” Michelangelo

Since the beginning Enrico Serafino believed in Michelangelo’s sentence: every vineyard offers just one specific wine and the Producer must work, as a sustainable farmer, with respect and patience to identify it and bring it to life.

This is Enrico Serafino’s daily job: to walk through the vineyards throughout Barolo, Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, caring about the details and trying to understand the wines that hide within.

Vineyard Quintessence

Wine is water and around 30 gr. per liter of dry extract composed from about 1,600 different substances.

This amazing and magical mix of different microelements is what we call “quality” and it is only created by soil, climate and grape variety known as “Terroir”.

To imagine that it is possible to pilot the result in a completely different direction from that mapped out by the vineyard is therefore both a philosophical and a technical error.

Enrico Serafino constantly scouts wonderful Terroirs able to provide multifaceted and complex grapes and, thus, amazing “hidden” wines: the liquid quintessence of the vineyard.

Acquired Knowledge

In the past, 70% of the grape’s quality was lost in the first week in the winery. This is why Enrico Serafino has been approaching the winemaking process very respectfully, keeping the grape’s identity in the wine.

Our winemaking techniques encompass over 140 years of Artisan experience with include intimate knowledge of the cellar and a very detailed approach to the time and care wine making requires, comparable with any other artisan crafters: a Baker makes bread 30 times in 30 days, a Winemaker 30 times in 30 years.

Stradivari Lesson

Stradivari wood instruments are broadly celebrated for delivering amazing high-frequency sound that “tickles your ear from far away” bringing you close to the Composer’s pure emotions.

In the same way, oak aging is all about bringing wine close to the Vineyard’s pure emotions, true to the Terroir of origin.
The appropriate barrels fix the full set of micro-elements coming from the terroir delivering a complex, multifaceted and long-life wine.

Individuals not Consumers

We believe that nature has made every vineyard and every wine different, so people are different from each other. Thus, nature’s multifaceted offerings are by definition suited to matching the varied tastes of wine drinkers.

Here then is Enrico Serafino’s marketing philosophy in a nutshell : serve today’s and tomorrow’s wine drinkers as individuals and not as mere consumers with contemporary wines that really do reflect the terroir of their chosen region.

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