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Family Values

People, vineyards, tradition and long-term perspective.

Enrico Serafino

The Enrico Serafino winery is born from an act of strong will and great courage inspired by the love for wines.

Enrico Serafino, born and raised in a rich family from Romano Canavese not involved in wine growing,  at the age of 23 changed his life and in 1878 moved to Canale to realize his dream of producing

luxury wines; white, red and sparkling wines in the best vineyards of the Piemonte Region”.

That is why our grapes come from vineyards spread in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage wine regions of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato.

A New Act of Strong Will


Today’s family ownership, Krause Gentile has made a new act of strong will by sharing the same artisanal soul, respect for future generations and passion for details that have distinguished Enrico Serafino wines since the beginning. Kyle Krause and his family are passionate about Piemonte thanks to the influence of food and wine culture from his Italian American origins.

”I grew up with an Italian American mother and was influenced by the culture of food and wine at a young age. When I was little, most of my friends wanted to grow up to be firemen. I wanted to grow up to be a winegrower. Buying a winery in Italy was a family dream for a long time, and Enrico Serafino helped me fulfill that dream.”

– Kyle Krause –

Fundamental Perspectives

At Enrico Serafino we strongly believe in the fundamental family values of people, vineyards, tradition and long-term perspective.

That is why we continue to craft artisan wines like you would make for your family, sharing our winemaking knowledge from generation to generation and caring about all people. We care because we like to do it.

We believe that happy people do everything better: they live, learn, work, drink and age better.