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Piemonte Attitude

It seems like the region has an attitude of its own.

Time & Dedication

The usual way to introduce the atmosphere of Piemonte, is to talk about the wines in that area, that is, Langhe, Roero and Monferrato which are the first winegrowing areas recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site in Italy

Less talked about is the way the area produces some of the most beautiful cars in the world as well as wool fabrics, hats, suits and food specialties.
It seems like the region has an attitude of its own: The Piemonte Attitude.

Care for Details

This can be the answer to a historical lack of wealth and essential goods. In fact, in the Region there were very few extremely rich Families. Most other people found an alternative solution to obtaining high standard way of life by investing in something they could afford: time. All the while maintaining a strong respect of nature and passion for details.

Thus, the Piemonte Attitude is made from the wisdom of generations who make the most of the natural gifts found in the region.

A wisdom of generations

Additionally, whether you have lived here all your life, or you are stepping foot in Piemonte for the first time, you can’t help but notice this distinctive way the people have of doing things.

Since 1878, Enrico Serafino has realized its vision with this attitude, and the winery has made a tangible contribution to the evolution of the territorial wine identity, which has become a true cultural tradition. Enrico Serafino wines are a full expression of the Piemonte Attitude: time-demanding, elegant, multifaceted and artisan-crafted.