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Library is the proof of the acquired knowledge over the decades.

Decades in making wine

Enrico Serafino has a wine crafting expertise of over 140 harvests.

Our Library is the proof of this acquired knowledge over the decades.

Currently we protectively maintain in our cellar a quite complete set of old vintages bottles from Barolo and Barbaresco to Erbaluce di Caluso Passito.

The goal is to create a true legacy for future generations keeping safe the line tying our history since the beginning in 1878.

A true legacy

In our cellar we preserve:

Barolo: we cover 80 years of our over 140 years of history. The oldest bottle is a Barolo 1939.

Barbaresco: we cover 70 years of our history. The oldest bottle for this appellation is a Barbaresco 1949.

As curiosity, in 1878, Enrico Serafino was used to call the different part of the underground cellars with different names. The two most Important winery aisles were named Barolo and Barbaresco.