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The sliced shell is the “Nature’s footprint on Nature” and the proof of the possible Sustainable Growth.

Below sea level

We wanted our logo to represent “Nature’s footprint on Nature” while reminding people of the Piemonte origin. The tertiary piemontese sliced fossil has fulfilled our expectations.

In fact, once lying below sea level, the soil in Piemonte is now scattered with the fossils of prehistoric marine life. Attributing minerals and nutrients to the soil, they are some of the reasons that the wines produced here are so unique.

Divine Proportion

The spiral structure of the shell is driven by the mathematical Fibonacci Series. This occurrence is named “golden ratio” or “divine proportion” because it is the natural rule of beauty and elegance.

Indeed, it is easily recognizable in several nature manifestations such as the sunflowers seed layout, the Romanesco cabbage or in Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.

It is also self-evident that the “golden ratio” is the rule that allows Nature to grow. In fact, the shell size does not matter since it maintains the golden proportion; and the same goes for animals, flowers and trees.

The sliced shell is then the natural representation of the Sustainable Growth.

Richness of the soil

As well as symbolizing the richness of the soil, the cross section of the conch shell suggests a precious piece of jewelry, highly evocative of elegance and the grace of natural design which are in direct relation with the Piemonte attitude and its passion for details.

More important is to notice that the sliced shell seems like a bunch of grapes revealing the hidden connections of nature and life.

A timeless lettering

To us, quality is also about design that has longevity-tying the past with the future.

With this in mind, we chose our original 1919 lettering as a nod to our roots and for its timeless elegance.