Piemonte Attitude
through artisan wines
since 1878

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Since 1878, Enrico Serafino has been a family winery crafting artisan wines like you would make for your beloved. This careful dedication to quality comes from the vineyards spread in the UNESCO World Heritage wine region of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato. Our sustainable approach and meticulous execution allow us to craft a whole set of wines true to the terroir and the Piemonte Attitude.

Singular story

Multifaceted universe since 1878

In 1878, driven by the Piemonte Attitude, Enrico Serafino followed his dream of becoming a wine grower. Since then, for more than 140 years, we have harvested grapes from Barolo, Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

Today, Enrico Serafino is still family-owned maintaining the original artisanal soul, respect for future generations and passion for details that have distinguished the winery since the beginning.

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Updating tradition

Cellars and Vineyards' artisan expertise

There is a unique way of making wine: The Artisan one. In fact, the only thing a winemaker can do is to invest his time in understanding the rules of nature and proceed accordingly.

Our more than 140 harvests are our legacy and the distinctive trait of Enrico Serafino, showing our commitment in updating tradition by sharing expertise
from generation to generation.

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Unexpected Wines

The excitement of both worlds

For Italian wine and culture lovers, Enrico Serafino is the Piemonte artisan winery committed to create an authentic wine portfolio of both Still and Sparkling fascinating worlds. Since 1878, we deliver unexpected wines of Piemonte that transport people to the Langhe, Roero, Monferrato atmosphere in the heart of the UNESCO area.

Barolo & Barbaresco, Alta Langa and Indigenous grape varieties are the wines we made in our cellars.

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